The Age Of Aluminum – auto repair industry trends

You apparently bethink something in apple history about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. If it comes to the approaching of automobiles in America, the Age of Aluminum is aloft us. With added advancing CAFE (Corporate Boilerplate Ammunition Economy) standards getting formed out by the United States government, the move against aluminum and alien metals to access ammunition ability is ramping up into abounding beat as Ford unveils the new F-150 this fall.

The use of alien metal on physique panels is not something absolutely new as magnesium and aluminum accept been about for a while. However, in the accomplished these metals were mainly begin on college dollar, lower aggregate cars or on just a few panels such as the awning or lift gate.

The F-150 signals the aboriginal above use of aluminum as it is one of the best affairs banal cars in history. Blow adjustment and allowance claims industry professionals will be put to the analysis already these cars appointment their aboriginal fender benders. According to abounding sources including blow repairers, allotment suppliers and insurers, the appulse is ambiguous but there could be some activating changes aural the industry as the about-face to aluminum accelerates. Here are some accessible scenarios that may unfold.

1. Collision Adjustment Boutique Numbers Continue To Shrink. Over the accomplished decade we accept apparent a accelerated abbreviating and alliance in the adjustment industry. With the appearance of added specialized repairs, hi-tech cockpit gadgetry and newer metals, abounding adjustment accessories are artlessly unprepared. The investment appropriate to plan on aluminum includes specialized arresting tools, apple-pie allowance stations to annihilate cross-contaminates and abstracted exhaustion systems which are above the economics of abounding abate absolute shops. For abate shops to compete, there will acceptable be a trend against “specialization.” Abate shops may bandage calm in bounded areas with one absorption on new metals to advance activity while insurers will focus their DRP networks to the beyond MSOs and dealerships. Shops clumsy to acclimate will acceptable disappear, accelerating the crumbling boutique landscape.

2. Rising Adjustment Costs. For years the boilerplate adjustment severity has been adequately constant and insurers accept become actual adequate with this. With an access of blow admonishing systems, cameras, and aluminum, aliment costs could bound skyrocket. Aluminum aliment are a little added complex as aluminum does not absorb anamnesis like accepted area metal. Often, simple aliment that are accepted with area metal may crave backup with aluminum. Additionally, adjustment times may access on repairable panels arch to college aluminum ante and added big-ticket backup costs. Even if adjustment costs alone access 3% on a $2,500 repair, that’s an added $75 per car. For an insurer processing just 1000 files month, this translates about $900,000 in added adjustment costs per year.

3. Higher Premiums. If allowance carrier costs rise, the customer ultimately absorbs the cost. The next accessible book consistent from college adjustment costs due to an accretion arrival of aluminum cars would be college allowance rates. Allowance experts adumbrate that the amount to assure the new Ford F-150 will be college than the accepted pre-aluminum models while others feel it will even out if factoring in lower ammunition expenses. Added than likely, allowance premiums will acceleration until insurers accretion a butt on the accurate costs associated with aluminum adjustment and allotment replacement. One added adventitious achievability could be the access in uninsured motorists on the alley if some consumers apprehend they cannot allow coverage. They may yield risks and abandon insurance, which may advance to a subculture of abate amateur shops that attack aluminum aliment break creating added alarming cars on the road.

4. Rise in Absolute Losses. If the adjustment costs al of a sudden ascend on cars utilizing newer metals we may see assertive cars beat absolute accident thresholds added quickly. Insurers could face a fasten in absolute losses as aluminum use becomes accustomed and the aboriginal beachcomber of aluminum cars age. In a few abbreviate years this would abate repairable car opportunities for shops added abrupt the abbreviating blow adjustment marketplace. This may added accident the activity of abate absolute shops, as they would now lose ahead repairable cars to absolute losses.

Nobody can be assertive absolutely how the alteration will play out. As with all change there are consistently those with acute predictions that never appear to fruition. On the added duke there may be some accuracy to the warnings accustomed by those aural the industry. The acceptable affair is that innovators generally footfall advanced and abounding of the fears are alleviated with new solutions and technology. The blow industry and insurers just charge to be able to acclimate and innovate and accept that the approaching will be absolutely activating and the key is to be active and acclimate quickly.


The Top Ten Reasons to Buy Your Next Used Vehicle From an Independent Dealer

Almost anybody owns a vehicle, and the stakes are college than ever. You not alone accept your abiding acclaim appraisement at risk, in a car purchase, but you accept maintenance, payments, and ammunition costs as well. Acclimated car prices accept soared and the bulk of maintenance, locations and account accept aswell followed this advancement trend. As abundant as the auto industry wants us to accept a adulation activity with our vehicles, at the end of the day, a adulation activity alone works if aggregate is working, properly, and not costing us. Humans allegation cars to be reliable, apprehensible and functional, like a admiring partner.

I’m on the foreground lines, as a baby absolute auto dealer, for seventeen years, in the aforementioned city. There’s a big aberration in the affairs acquaintance for my barter adjoin the big dealership experience. I accept carefully to my customers, and try to apprentice from them, abounding times, alteration how I do business, based on chump needs. This doesn’t appear with big dealerships, who accept their habits set in stone. Chump acrimony actual abundant exists in the car business and, on occasion, I am on the accepting end of this angst. The majority of the time it stems from customers’ accomplished experiences, at the big dealerships.

Buying a car in absolute life, is not like it is depicted in TV commercials. Listening and accepting accessible to barter during the actual demanding time of car affairs is what barter need. Unfortunately, the aforementioned auto industry complaints I heard twenty-five years ago, still exist, and are accepting worse. I acclimated to anticipate humans were unfairly biased adjoin the car business, until I spent abundant years in this business to see how big dealerships, and the auto manufacturers amusement people. I’ve learned, through the years, absolutely why this business is “buyer beware,” and I’ve learned, aboriginal hand, why the car business can’t be trusted. It’s why bad airbags, lying emissions software, and bad starters, happen. Building a good, reliable car for the customer, should be a given, but it’s not. As a buyer, you accept to accomplish abounding important decisions during the acquirement process, and it’s harder to acquisition a able at the dealership, who has your best absorption in mind, to admonition you with these big affairs decisions.

The afterward are the top ten affidavit you should seek out an independent, accountant banker for your next acclimated car purchase. I accord you these affidavit to go with a baby dealer, as I’d adulation for you, as a acclimated car buyer, to accept a bigger experience, overall. It’s the aboriginal footfall in alteration the chump acquaintance in the car business.

1. You will save money affairs a acclimated car from a baby dealer. Spending more, upfront, on a acclimated vehicle, never agency you are accepting a bigger acclimated vehicle. It just agency you are paying too abundant from the start. Big dealerships try to go by the book, Kelley Blue Book retail, to be specific, and these prices are generally one to four thousand dollars college than the appraisement you will acquisition on a car accepting offered by a baby dealer. An independent, licensed, insured, baby banker can action the aforementioned car that a ample authorization banker offers, at a abundant lower price, because they don’t accept the huge bulk and ability overhead.

2. You can abstain the bounded bartering by big dealerships, and you can bang on craigslist, Facebook, eBay and auto-trader to acquisition a abundant alternative of cars from baby absolute dealers. Bartering is huge for the car business. Millions of dollars anniversary anniversary are funneled into ads that accord you no harder admonition about cars, and for what? While a bartering about the a lot of important things you allegation to apperceive about the brand, and the vehicle, would be helpful, bounded automotive bartering still tries to absorb us with family, children, dogs, crazy managers, or affected themes.

3. You can buy a acceptable acclimated vehicle, afterwards accepting pressured to buy a bisected dozen aftermarket products. It’s harder to assurance a business that keeps aggravating to advertise you added and more, if you alone capital to buy one thing, a car. Affairs you a car is just footfall one, in the big dealership. Today’s adeptness chump has bent on, and they don’t like it. The sales action is too long, at the big dealers, say my customers. Big dealerships are accomplished in the assorted affairs methods, and accomplished in how to advertise to you everything. A lot of of the humans who buy cars from me accompany this up as the affair they abhorrence the a lot of about arcade at a big dealership.

4. You can abstain cher account administration rip-offs. Recently, a chump told me the adventure about a $3000 account bill at a Honda dealership. She was agitated just talking about it, and couldn’t be bright about what they in fact did for the $3000. A single, alive mother of two, she was taken by the big dealership, and their over-the-top-service-selling. A adventure I apprehend often, because humans don’t anticipate this will appear to them at their “trusted” bounded dealership. That is, until they accept to ache the “gotcha.” What this chump needed, in a dealer, was help, advice, and the cheapest fix possible. She bare fair ciphering and pricing, and she didn’t get it. Needless to say, she will not be affairs a car from them, ever, afterwards this account experience. Account departments accept changed, and are acutely accomplished to not allotment account information. The dealerships are far from traveling in the appropriate administration with their account administration assurance issues. Barter can acquisition cheaper account about anywhere besides the big dealership. New studies acquisition that a lot of humans cannot even allow a $600 repair, abundant beneath a $3000 repair. I apperceive mechanics that allegation $25-30 an hour as against to the $100 an hour the big guys charge. Abounding times, a reputable, baby banker in your breadth can admonition you with bargain service. You allegation alone ask.

5. You will not pay abounding retail, or accept a agent devaluing your trade-in. A baby broker, like myself, would rather accept you advertise your own car, or admonition you advertise your car, because it’s acceptable not a car they would accumulate in stock. I can advertise a customers’ car in beneath than a week, no bulk the condition, and admonition them accomplish added money, than if they barter it in. How can you assurance a business that wants to undervalue one of your better assets? You can apathetic the affairs action down. I accomplish this actual bright to my accompany and family. Affairs their acclimated vehicle, not trading it in, is the way to authority on to their money, and it can be fast and easy.

6. You can still get “Certified Pre-owned” vehicles. Certified pre-owned agency it has been inspected, and thankfully, humans are alpha to catechism the absonant over-pricing that goes forth with this label. It was allegedly created to admonition you buy acclimated cars with confidence, but now it is accustomed as a way to aerate the price, by thousands, on a acclimated vehicle. It encourages you to let down your bouncer about the vehicle, as well. Not a abundant affair to do during the acquirement of a vehicle. It’s acceptable that a one client car, in acceptable condition, added certifiable than a three owner, off charter or rental, “certified pre-owned” car at the big dealer, right? Accepted faculty still actual abundant applies to the affairs process. Certified pre-owned agency something altered at every dealership. Shouldn’t a banker automatically audit a vehicle, afore they advertise it? Grocery aliment audit your food, and they don’t accredit and allegation added for it. They just accept you wish acceptable aliment and if they don’t accommodate it, you will boutique about else.

7. You will not pay Doc Fees. How can you assurance a banker that adds $400 to $800 to your anew adjourned deal? This fee is about never appear upfront. A banker who cares about their barter would never try to allegation their chump a fee for accomplishing their documents.

8. You can accommodate your deal. A lot of humans apperceive negotiating is a acceptable thing, and we cackle at any added sales approach. Affairs a car is not like affairs craven parmesan. A lot of adults are not angered if a nice agent waits on them, and can accommodate a acceptable deal. You should be angered if a big acclimated car alternation tells you to pay retail, and they accept a “no haggle” appraisement policy. That’s an insult to all intelligence, and a lot of buyers will not go for it. I cackle every time I apprehend the commercial.

9. You get to allocution with the dealership owner, or the being who fabricated the accommodation to banal the car you are searching at buying, and they will explain to you absolutely why this is a abundant acclimated car for you. With a big dealership, you will hardly allocution with the owner, or the car buyer. At a big dealership, abounding times you will appointment a beneath than able employee, who is traveling to try to advertise you whatever they can. What is the a lot of accepted complaint? Sales agents that lacks professionalism. They are ever friendly, if you are buying, or absolutely rude, if you are not buying, appropriate now. They amusement men and women like numbers because that is the arrangement they plan under. The kindest, a lot of accessible agent doesn’t get awards. The agent who posts the a lot of sales, and holds the accomplished gross profit, is the agent who gets awards at the dealership. You apparently will not see a kind, able changeable face at a lot of dealerships, like you do in some commercials, because a lot of women can’t plan the hours appropriate by the owners, and yield affliction of a family, too. In a baby dealership, the aforementioned being who put the anticipation and time into affairs this accurate vehicle, is aswell the being who is affairs it. They apperceive something about the vehicle, and they bought it for affidavit they trust, and can explain that to you, the buyer, during the sales process.

10. You can put Consumers Reports to plan for you if affairs a pre-owned vehicle, and this is a apparatus that will not let you down. This is the a lot of important section of admonition any automotive able can accord you. Hundreds of owners counterbalance in on their cars for Consumers Reports. You can put a acceptable bulk of assurance in the admonition you get from Consumers Reports, and even I, as a acclimatized professional, await on their wisdom.

Real automotive professionals wish you to adulation your acclimated vehicle. We feel appreciative if you accept a car we best as a abundant pre-owned vehicle, and a acceptable deal. If you buy a acclimated car from me, I alone wish to apprehend from you in one instance. If you are accessible to add addition abundant pre-owned car to your ancestors inventory!

– auto repair industry trends